Get paid fast to keep your cash flow

healthy with online invoicing


Customize and send your own professional invoices

Create beautiful invoices by adding your logo, payment terms and your brands special touch to your professional invoices. Then point Megi where to fill in the important information and you’re ready to start invoicing clients.

Create invoices quickly

Megi saves you from manually entering product information every time you invoice a client. Use preset inventory items and Megi fills in the details. You can even set repeating invoices for recurring invoices.

Send multiple invoices at once

Megi allows you to easily send multiple invoices at once. Send all approved invoices, or filter by overdue invoices to efficiently send reminders to your clients.

Create repeating invoices

Create recurring invoices with Megi so that you never forget another scheduled invoice. Once configured, invoices are automatically created and sent to clients according to your schedule.

Duplicate past invoices

Reduce the manual work of creating new invoices. Make a copy of past invoices and make any required changes before sending it to the customer.

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