Information technology (IT)

Livecom helps businesses globally to manage all their customer communication channels through a single IT solution.

What was their requirement?

With over 15 years running his business, Thomas, founder of Livecom, knows his way around finance. He likes doing his own financial forecasts and analysis but when it comes to the tedious bookkeeping, he uses an accountant. What Thomas cares most about is:

  • Easy communication and collaboration with an outside accountant
  • Features for accurate and professional bookkeeping and reporting
  • Bilingual interface, reports and ledgers

When Thomas founded Livecom, it was to help businesses bring all their customer support communications together under a single platform.

Thomas knows the value of viewing things holistically. So, when it comes to his own business, he needs everything in one place and always up to date.

“It’s great for working with my partners, I can view everything I need in English and they view the same information in Chinese” said Thomas.

Thomas has been running his businesses overseas for over a decade. Megi enables him to run his business the same way he knows how, with all the additional features for China.

Features Thomas likes