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gre3n makes premium coconut products made from 100% natural Thai coconuts for healthy consumers.

gre3n coconut products

Before Megi, gre3n was running their business the old-fashioned way, using Excel. It soon became too much to visualize their finances. When selecting an accounting solution, they had a few criteria:

  • It needed to be in the cloud, so everyone was always accessing the same information.
  • It had to be purposely built for Chinese businesses and also be bilingual.
  • It had to handle many transactions efficiently – scaling well with the business.

Angela Zhang co-founded gre3n with her partner Thames with the idea that they’re going to provide top-quality coconut products. She and her team are always on the go.

They needed a solution that enabled everyone to work in the same system wherever they are. “Its so easy to track and see what’s going on in Megi.” Said Angela. “Megi made handling our many transactions and reconciling them with our inventory so much easier”.

And working with her advisor at Integra Group, Angela is able to report to her investors on how the business is performing and make smart decision about their future.

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